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Castelló Such family

The pillars of success: constant hard work and paying attention to the details

Grupo Gastronou is a family-run business that has been growing steadily under solid foundations: experience, passion and a strong team. In 1972, Vicentina and Vicente Castelló opened Nou Manolín restaurant, a place offering Mediterranean-style cuisine and whose goal was, even at that time, to offer the best dishes created from raw ingredients of exceptional quality. Later, in 1994, Piripi restaurant was established. Then in 2007, the Vadevins wine cellar was added to the group as a perfect complement to the restaurants. In 2014 the third restaurant of the group, Pópuli Bistró, was inaugurated, with a more informal concept set amongst superb surroundings. Today the group is managed by the founders’ children, José Juan and Silvia Castelló.

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José Juan Castelló Such

José Juan Castelló joined the group in 1994 coinciding with the inauguration of Piripi restaurant. José Juan proudly states that the main values of the family are humility, determination, effort and hard work.

Silvia Castelló Such

Silvia recognises that with great success comes great responsibility, and it’s only achieved through hard work day in and day out. She was always cultivating the professionalism of of the product served.

César Marquiegui

He has been busy at the Grupo stoves since 2000. Since then he has set the benchmark for the best market-fresh cuisine in the city of Alicante. Special skill: combining flavour, tradition and technique on the same plate.

Casto Copete

Casto Copete is Maître of the Nou Manolín restaurant, and a key player within the team. Discipline, organization and careful details that make the difference to the diner’s experience are his magic formula.

Jorge López

As Maître of Pópuli Bistró restaurant, Jorge has been part of the Grupo Gastronou team since 1999. Empathy, the ability to manage teams and continuous training are essential for him to be able to excel at his job.

Elisardo Antolín

As you enter Nou Manolin restaurant you will be greeted by "Eli", the bar manager. His closeness and kind nature combine perfectly with the dynamism, fast pace and expertise that are essential to have behind the bar.

Pascual Cozar

Starting in 1976, he is now the head waiter at Piripi restaurant. His name is inextricably linked to the Grupo. He's work ethic and professionalism over the years have shaped the restaurant as it has grown and improved.

David Valero

David is head waiter at Piripi restaurant and understands the company well since he worked his way through the ranks. He applies guidelines that help maintain the very high standard offered: discipline and coordination.

Antonio Lozano

Those that have been fans of Piripi since its beginnings back in 1994 will have always seen bar manager Antonio behind this much-loved bar. Dynamic, professional, attentive and open.

Kike Rodríguez

Currently head chef at Pópuli Bistró, Kike he has been part of the group since 2009 and has experienced different areas of the business. He knows the working method well and ensures only the very best is served.

David Inglese

David began his career path at the group in 2012. He is currently Maître of Pópuli Bistró, a restaurant that requires great team coordination, a close, professional and careful approach, and impeccable service, always.

Vicente González

Vicente has been with the company since 1998. He is passionate about wine and spirits, and manages the group's wine cellar, Vadevins, advising and guiding anyone interested in the world of wine.