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Since 1994 we strive to maintain the highest level of cuisine. Constant evolution is a maxim in this business, so it is essential to maintain a philosophy of continuous learning. Thanks to this work ethic we have won numerous awards and recognitions. It’s our customers who provide the focus to attain the very best standards, every day.

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Piripi Menus

These are the menus that we can offer you at the Piripi restaurant in Alicante. These group menus are available for reservations of 8 or more people and must be confirmed with the restaurant at least one week before the reservation date.

If you have any questions or queries, you can contact us on the phone 965 61 64 25, or in the email: eventos@noumanolin.com


Presentation, skill and delight in every dish

Make your reservation

Please note that the system only shows the hours of availability. You can make your reservation for up to 8 people through our website. For larger groups, please contact us by email: eventos@noumanolin.com or by telephone 965 616 425.

We remind you that your reservation has 15 minutes of courtesy, after this time, the restaurant reserves the right to dispose of the table.

We inform you that it is only possible to book a table in our dining room (upstairs). In case you want to take a seat in our bar zone, you will be attended without reservation and in order of arrival.