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Awards and recognitions granted to Grupo Gastronou


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Vicente Castelló and Vicen Such

In 1972 they opened the Nou Manolín. His success was latent from day one. Willingness to work, great ideas and great enthusiasm. They have been the foundation of the group.

José Juan Castelló Such

José Juan Castelló joined the group in 1994, coinciding with the inauguration of Piripi. José Juan highlights humility, tenacity, effort and hard work as the main values of the family.

Silvia Castelló Such

Silvia Castelló knows that success is a responsibility and is achieved through hard work every day. Since her incorporation, she has always been aware of the professionalism of the human team and the quality of the offer

Carlos Castelló

Carlos joined the group in 2020. With him, the 4th generation of the Castelló family begins. Currently, his main contribution is focused on the world of wine.

Casto Copete

Casto Copete is Maître of the Nou Manolín Restaurant, and a real figure within the team. Discipline, organization and details that make the difference in the attention to the diner is his magic formula.

Sebas Caselles

Sebas is the bar manager at Nou Manolín. Educated, friendly and attentive, he has all the necessary qualities to set the tone for his team.

Ismael Martínez

Ismael is the head chef of the Nou Manolín restaurant. He has been working with us since 2016. His youth, effort and technique define his cuisine.

David Valero

David is Head of the Piripi room and knows the company well, since he was "a cook before he was a friar." On a daily basis, he applies some guidelines that make him maintain a very high quality standard discipline.

Cristian Gabriel

Cristian Gabriel joined the group in 2006. He is currently Maître de Pópuli Bistró, a restaurant that requires great team coordination, close, professional and careful treatment, and exquisite service.

Marta Berenguer

Gastronou Group Events Coordinator